CBlue Bird Skys
Date: 4/15/2016  
Time:  1- 7PM
Air Temp: 65-68F
Water Temp: 47-48F
Sky: Clear 
Wind: 0-3mph
Reference Level: 8.0' falling
Clarity: Visibility <2' 
15 Smallies:  12-17"  (largest 3lb 11oz)  many 3's 
1 Small Northern
1 Ten Minute fight and carp scale landed 

After a bout with the flu over Easter and a late return of winter, fantastic weather was much appreciated this weekend.  Blue sky, near zero wind, but some high water to deal with.  
Date: 4/16/2016  
Time:  10AM - 6PM
Air Temp: 65-72F
Water Temp: 48-50F
Sky: Clear  
Wind: 0-4mph
Reference Level: 7.5' falling
Clarity: Visibility <2' 
25 Smallies:  12-18.5"  (4lb 3oz)  Many 3's