CCold Water Continued
Day 1:
Date: 4/5/2013 
Time:  4PM - 7PM
Air Temp: 44F
Water Temp: 39F
Sky: Mostly Clear
Wind: 15mph & gusting
Reference Level: 7.1' falling
Clarity: Visibility 2'
8 Smallies:  15-18"

A week latter and we find the river slightly higher with heavier current, less clarity, and the same cold water temps.  Day 1 included some nasty cold winds, that chilled us, even though it was only a few hours of fishing.  Day 2 was a slow day, with morning interrupted by scullers crossing our lines.
Day 2:
Date: 4/6/2013 
Time: 10AM - 6PM
Air Temp: 34-45F
Water Temp: 38-40F
Sky: Clear
Wind: 0-2 mph
Reference Level: 7' falling
Clarity: Visibility  2'
16 Smallies:  14-18"