Date: 11/02/2008
Time: 8AM - 4PM
Temp: 28 - 48F
Water Temp: 42F
Weather: Thick Fog to Sunny Skys - very light breeze

While it was cold in the AM with the traditional icing of eyelets, once the sun broke through, it was a decent day.

We had two boats with two guys in each. We did not keep a precise count. Mainly because of the high number of dink walleyes caught.  And catching those fathead robbing dinks led to some fish tossing toward the other boat :) 

Note: No fish were hurt in this exercise.  Please do not try this at home.  We are professionals.  It took many years to act like this! 

Walleyes: 12 : 16-18"
Bass: 24 : 6-18" (largest was 3lb 10oz) (most were 13-15")
Perch: 2
Muskies: (Lost one : approx 36-40")
Pike: 1 : approx 27"

Dink Wars