CPicture Perfect
Day 1:
Date: 5/3/2013 
Time:  2PM - 7PM
Air Temp: 72-65F
Water Temp: 59-61F
Sky: Clear
Wind: Light breeze at times.
Reference Level: 5.3' falling
Clarity: Visibility 3'
20 Smallies:  14-18.25"  

Weather...  Blue bird skys with only a hint of some clouds. Temps in the 70's, light breeze, almost too good to go fishing.  Almost.  Great day for a wedding, but even better to catch fish and get cheers from a wedding party.  :)
Day 2:
Date: 5/4/2013 
Time: 8AM - 7PM
Air Temp: 45-75F
Water Temp: 59-63F
Sky: Clear
Wind: Light breeze at times
Reference Level: 5.0' falling
Clarity: Visibility  3'
30 Smallies:  12-18.5"
5 Walleyes: 16"-22"
1 Fallfish
1 Sucker/carpish thing